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FAE power management

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Job information

1. Experience in application and technical support of related DC-DC and AC-DC power management ICs.

2. Familiar with LED driver IC series product application design and marketing.

3, with hardware commissioning experience and strong hands-on ability, skilled in the use of commonly used electronic equipment.

4. Familiar with the specifications and applications of electronic components such as LED Driver, and have the experience of circuit failure analysis and the ability to solve fault problems.

5, familiar with the use of electronic circuit design tools, such as: Protel 99 and other software.

6. To promote the application of Deom board production, and at the same time lead the design of the program for customers.


job requirements:

1. College degree or above, graduated in computer and electronics related majors.

2, with DC / DC, AC / DC, LED driver more than 2 years of semiconductor industry product design applications or FAE field application work experience.

3. Familiar with the semiconductor chip industry and the electronic product market, and can well grasp the market direction.

4, with analog circuits, digital circuits, circuit analysis capabilities and other foundations.

5. Have good communication, presentation, collaboration and customer service awareness.


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Recruitment number: 3 people
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